15 May 2018

Milan Dimitriević – Atomic spectral line broadening and databases for stellar plasma research (invited talk)

M.Tsvetkov, M.Dimitrijević, K.Tsvetkova – Twenty Years Bulgarian-Serbian Cooperation in Astronomy: Joint Astronomical Conferences

S.Kashuba, N.Bazyey, M.Tsvetkov – The current state of the Odessa collection of astrophotonegatives

N.Kirov, M.Tsvetkov – New capabilities of the software to support digitization of astronomical photographic plates

Kamen Kozarev, Maher Dayeh, Ashraf Farahat - Early-Stage SEP Acceleration by CME-Driven Coronal Shocks with Realistic Seed Spectra

L. Kashapova, D. Zhdanov, S. Lesovoi, A. Kudryavtseva and Lomonosov BDRG collaboration – Why we are interesting in study in weak solar flares?

R.Miteva, K.Koleva, M.Dechev, A.Veronig, K.Kozarev, T.Temmer, P. Duchlev, K. Dissauer – Hard X-ray diagnostic of proton-producing solar flares compared to other emission signatures

S. Vidojević, M. Dražić, M. Maksimovic, M. Abada-Simon – An algorithm for type III solar radio bursts recognition

Ts. Tsvetkov, E. Ivanov, N. Petrov – Atmospheric phenomena during the total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017

Ts. B. Georgiev – Titius-Bode relations in the exoplanet systems

16 May 2018

Goran Damljanovic – The first GAIA data release – DRI and Serbian-Bulgarian astronomical activities (invited talk)

N.Tomov, M.Tomova – Evolution of the accretion structure in the symbiotic binary BF Cyg during its last optical outburst began in 2006

R. Konstantinova-Antova, A.Lebre, M. Auriere, S.Tsvetkova, R.Bogdanovski, A. Borisova, P. Mathias, B. Thessore – Magnetic field variability in RZ Ari - an evolved M giant

S. Boeva, G. Latev, P. Nikolov, R. Zamanov, Ts. Georgiev, G. Damljanovic, M. Sekulic, Z. Cvetkovic, R. Pavlovic, O. Vince – Detailed analysis of the low state multicolor light curve of KR Aurigae on 23.02.2017

U. Wolter, A. Borisova, R. Konstantinova-Antova, K.P. Schröder – Doppler imaging and activity evolution of the Hertzsprung gap star OU Andromedae

G.Djurasevic – Accretion disk in massive close binary system

Z.Cvetković, R.Pavlović – New linear solutions for 13 double stars

Rumen Bachev – Blazar optical variability: 20 years of observations at Belogradchik Observatory (invited talk)

Y.Nikolov, R.Zamanov – Spectropolarimetric observation of RS Oph

17 May 2018

Daniela Kirilova – BBN cosmological constraints on Physics Beyond Standard Model (invited talk)

Z.Simić – Stark broadening data for spectral lines of rare-earth elements

M.Stojanović, S.Ninković, N.Martinović, M.D.Jovanović, G.Marković – Potential of Milky Way given analytically

M.Churalski, P.Nedialkov, A.Valcheva – A search for new variable objects in the field of OB81 association in M31 galaxy

V.Srećković, M.Dimitrijević, L.Ignjatović – Chemi-ionization/recombination Atomic Processes in the AGNs Broad-Line Region

Ž.Mijajlović, N.Pejović, V.Radović – First Serbian works on Theory of Relativity

E. Mikhailov – Russia Rectangular torus dynamo model and magnetic fields in the outer rings of galaxies

A.Bajić, M.Dimitrijević – Arheoastronomsko istraživanje Feliks Romulijane

Poster Presentations

G. Damljanović, S. Boeva, O. Vince, G. Latev, R. Bachev, M. D. Jovanović, Z. Cvetković, R. Pavlović - Serbian-Bulgarian mini-network telescopes and Gaia-fun-to for the period 2014-2017

Miljana D. JOVANOVIĆ, Goran DAMLJANOVIĆ and Oliver VINCE - Flux-stability analysis for the comparison stars for some quasars important to ICRF - GAIA CRF link

M. M. Vučetić , B. Arbutina, N. Petrov , A. Ćiprijanović, M. Z. Pavlović and D. Urošević - Optical Observations of NGC2366 Galaxy in Narrow Band [SII] and Hα Filters

Rositsa Miteva - First Results from the SEP Origin Project

Rositsa Miteva and Dimitar Danov - Multi-energy analysis of SOHO/ERNE proton events

C.Ulusoy, I.Stateva, I.Kh.Iliev, B.Ulaş, M.Napetova - A study of variability of the Am Kepler star KIC 9204718

Dimitar Garnevski, Petya Pavlova, Nikola Petrov - A technique for automatic image sequences alignment

Svitlana Kashuba, Natalya Bazyey and MilchoTsvetkov - The Simeiz Plate Collection of the Odessa Astronomical Observatory

Daniela Boneva - Wave density configuration via the vorticity patterns formation in accreting binary stars systems

Krasimira Yankova - Deformationless Advection

Koleva, K., Duchlev, P., Dechev, M. - Asymmetric filament eruption followed by two-ribbon flare

Asen S. Mutafov , Evgeni H. Semkov , Stoyanka P. Peneva , Sunay I. Ibryamov - Photometric study of UX Ori type stars GM Cep and V1180 Cas