Accommodation options in the town are scarce, so do not wait until the last minute before you book - there may literally be no beds left.

We have secured a few places for the period 14-18 May to be booked only by conference participants. ONLY VALID UNTIL March 30.

You are in charge of your own booking, please use the reference for the conference, otherwise the places might seem taken on booking.com, but you are still able to book.

1. Hotel "Skalite" (http://www.booking.com/Share-e31bhw) - The rooms there are the most expensive. There are only 4 spare single rooms left, at 64 BGN per night. If you want one of them, contact the LOC.

2. Hotel The Rocks - closest to the venue, offering 8 double rooms (https://www.booking.com/hotel/bg/the-rocks.bg.html). Book with conference reference "Bulgaro-srubska astronomicheska konferencia" at phone +359898733818

3. Djaia guesthouse - also very close to the venue - 4 double rooms - book with conference reference "Bulgaro-srubska astronomicheska konferencia" at +359889630716, djaia_house@abv.bg, (http://en.go-belogradchik.com/)

Next 3 guesthouses can be booked with conference reference "Bulgaro-srubska astronomicheska konferencia" at angel_drakata@abv.bg, +359879 466143 (https://hotelbedrock.com/en/) - overall 15 rooms, 1 studio, reduced prices for participants:

4. Bedrock /Бедрок - good location, http://www.booking.com/Share-2K1XvFi
5. Zora /Зора - slightly further away http://www.booking.com/Share-YmXmXF
6. Drakite /Драките - slightly further away http://www.booking.com/Share-LnbKlc

Not secured, use booking.com or direct contact
7. Ini Guest House (http://www.booking.com/Share-QpjCWn 0878348351), kimi_kaizera89@abv.bg offer 1 apartment, 2 triple rooms, good location

8. Castle Cottage GuestHouse - 2 double, 2 triple rooms, 35 BGN per person/50 per room - reservations@castlecottage.eu

Pretty but farther away, better for people with own cars http://www.castlecottage.eu/homeEN.html

These are the most convenient locations but feel free to choose another and do not hesitate to ask for advice, if needed.

National currency:

Bulgarian lev (pl. leva). Coins with smaller denomination are called "stotinki" (100 stotinki = 1 lev). There are banknotes of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 leva. and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 stotinki.


Do not exchange money in the streets or outside banks and currency exchange offices despite the advantageous rate offered.