Research Activities


Papers describing the observatory and the equipment:

Automatic 60 cm Telescope of the Belogradchik Observatory - First Results
A. Antov and R. Konstantinova-Antova

Observations at Astronomical Observatory Belogradchikl with CCD Camera SBIG ST-8
R. Bachev, A. Strigachev, G. Petrov et al.

A new CCD camera at the 60-cm telescope of the Belogradchik Astronomical Observatory
Anton Strigachev, Rumen Bachev

Principal publications based partially or entirely on observations collected at Belogradchik observatory:

Rani B, Gupta A.C., Strigachev A., Bachev R., Wiita Paul J. et al., 2010, MNRAS, 404, 1992; "Short-term flux and colour variations in low-energy peaked blazars"

Zamanov R.K., Boeva S., Bachev R., et al., 2010, MNRAS, 404, 381 "UBVRI observations of the flickering of RS Ophiuchi at quiescence"

Vercellone S., D'Ammando F., Vittorini V.,et al., 2010, ApJ, 712, 405 "Multiwavelength Observations of 3C 454.3. III. Eighteen Months of Agile Monitoring of the "Crazy Diamond"

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