Balkan Meeting of Young Astronomers

25-29 September 2000, Belogradchik, Bulgaria


Edited by: Alexander Antov, Renada Kostantinova-Antova,
Rumen Bogdanovski and Milcho Tsvetkov

ISBN 954 90133 2 4

Welcome to the Internet edition of the Proceedings from the Balkan Meeting of Young Astronomers. The meeting took place at the Belogradchik Astronomical observatory from 25th to 29th of September 2000. All materials are available in Adobe PostSript format.

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In Memoriam: Mijat Mijatovic (1950-2000)

List of Participants

Welcome Addresses

I. Introductory Overviews

Astronomical Research at the Institute of Astronomy, BAS
Kiril Panov

Astronomy in Serbia
Milan Dimitrijevic

Thirty Years Photometry of Flare Stars at the Stephanion Observatory
Michael Contadakis

Maksim Trpkovic and the Reform of the Julian Calendar
Mijat Mijatovic, Veselka Trajkovska

Manev, Bulgarian Author of a Classical Alternative to Relativity
Vasile Mioc, Magda Stavinschi

Proffesor Georgi Manev - the Unknown Bulgarian Physicist
Milcho Tsvetkov

II. Extragalactic Astronomy and Stellar Clusters

Microlensing Influence on Spectral Line Shapes of AGNs: Accretion Disk Radiation
Luka Popovic

The Mg2 - log(sigma) Relation for Early-type Galaxies through the Extragalactic Database HYPERCAT - abstract
Valeri Golev

Monte Carlo Simulations of Quasars' Brightness Magnification due to Gravitational Lensing: the Highly Luminous Quasar HS 1946+7658
Boyko Mihov

Search for Microvariability in Seyfert Galaxies
Rumen Bachev

Globular Clusters Intriguing Subgalaxian Stellar Systems - abstract
Slobodan Ninkovic

A Preliminary Photometric Study of NGC6946
Peter Pessev, Radostin Kurtev

Kinematics of a Sample of Visual Double Stars - abstract
Dragomir Olevic, Zorica Cvetkovic, Miodrag Dacic

III. Stellar Variability

General Observational Characteristics of Symbiotic Binaries
Nikolai Tomov

Study of Be-Stars - Impact on the Evolutionary Stage Understanding
Lubomir Iliev

Stellar Variability in the Early Evolution Stages
Evgeni Semkov

Observing Variable Stars at the University of Athens Observatory
Kosmas Gazeas, Vasilios Manimanis, Panos Niarchos

UBV Photometry on BY Draconis Type Stars in 1992-2000
Yuliana Goranova, Kiril Panov

Color Characteristics of Rapid Optical Oscillations in the Flare Star EV Lacertae
Irina Verlyuk

Activity in Single Late Giants: the Present Status of the Problem
Renada Konstantinova-Antova

IV. The Sun and the Solar System

Solar Physics and Neutrino Problem
Momchil Dechev

Some Examples of Internet Planetology
Vladan Celebonovic

A Leonid Meteor Spectrum Obtained During the 1999 Campaign
Galin Borisov, Tanyu Bonev, Milcho Tsvetkov

Photometry of the Near Nucleus Dust Distribution in Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)
Galin Borisov, Tanyu Bonev, Albena Ivanova

V. Astronomical Equipment and Methods

Statistical Photometry of Stars: Concept and Methods
Boris Zhilyaev

Classical Astrometry after HIPPARCOS
Magda Stavinschi

Technical Bases for Modern Data Reduction on Photographic Plates
Renate Budell

StarGazer - Star-chart Producing Internet Service
Rumen Bogdanovski

Contemporary Challenges to Information Exchange between the Balkan Astronomers
Svetoslav Christov

New Bulgarian-Ukrainian Universal Photometer of the Belogradchik Astronomical Observatory
Alexander Antov, Ivan Pamukchiev, Oleg Svaytogorov, Rumen Bogdanovski, Ivan Parov, Nenko Kotsev, Renada Konstantinova-Antova, Yozhi Nashvadi

Municipality of Belogradchik - Brief Description


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