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Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics

Martin V. Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics is now on-line. Published by Cambridge University Press, this handbook has become an essential reference for space astronomy and astrophysics. The complete 2nd edition (Copyright Cambridge University Press, 1982, 1990) is now available at your electronic desktop.

Second Edition
by Martin V. Zombeck

ISBN 0 521 34550 2 (hardbook)
ISBN 0 521 34787 4 (paperback)

Note: All chapters now have links to related WWW resources containing extensive tabulations, images, interactive programs, etc.. Look for the link at the top of the table of contents for the given chapter.

Citation form: Zombeck, M. V. 1990, Handbook of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Second Edition (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press).

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The author solicits suggestions for material for inclusion in a subsequent edition of the handbook.

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