Volume 6 (1991)

Title Page


Extragalactic astronomy

CCD-spectra of the galaxy Arakelian 144
G. T. Petrov

A Catalogue of Stellar Associations in M33
G. R. Ivanov

Gas accretion in black holes as an energy source in the nuclei of active extragalactic objects
G. Petrov, K. Velichkova

Rotational moments of galaxies – members of multiple systems of different types
V. A. Mineva, B. J. Kovachev


Light curves of binary systems where one of the components is a spotted star
D. P. Kjurkčieva, V. G. Shkodrov, Tz. B. Georgiev

59 Cygni – photometric behaviour after the active period
L. Iliev, B. Kovachev, N. Tomov

SCN – A program package for scanning of stellar spectrograms
Y. Bellas, I. Borissova

Proceedings of the International workshop “Galactic structure – astrophysical problems”,
held at Rogen observatory, Bulgaria, September 29 – October 2, 1986

Age-dependence of the chemical composition of stars in globular clusters
T. Kipper

Flare activity and flare star system age
L. V. Mirzoyan

Main results in the activities of the Soviet Centre of Astronomical Data for 5 years
O. B. Dluzhnevskaya

On the normal helium abundance in globular cluster stars
A. N. Gerashchenko, Z. I. Kadla, N. V. Yablokova

Photometry and frequency analysis of CP-stars HR 4330 and HD 192678
J. Zverko, J. Žižňovský

On the effect of polarization for scattering in spectral lines
H. Domke

Influence of differential rotation on the degree of axisymmetry of magnetic fields of stellar objects
K.-H. Rädler

Binary peculiar star ωUMa – long-term variations of orbital elements
L. Hric

Proceedings of the International workshop “Nonstable stars”
held at Rogen observatory, Bulgaria, June 1–6, 1987

Photoelectric photometry of eclipses of the symbiotic binary EG Andromedae
D. Chochol, A. Skopal

Some new results on the Pleiades flare stars
J. Kelemen

Photometric characteristics of KR Aur as an anti dwarf-nova
M. Popova, A. Antov, V. Popov, Z. Kraicheva