Volume 30 (2019)


The 24th solar cycle: Prelyminary analysis and generalizations
Boris Komitov

Some parameters of selected NEAs
Ireneusz Wlodarczyk

An investigation of the eclipsing symbiotic binary BF~Cyg during a period of activity after 2014
Nikolai A. Tomov, Mima T. Tomova, Dmitry V. Bisikalo

Monitoring of the magnetic field topology and activity of the core helium-burning giant β Ceti in the period 2007 -- 2013
Svetla Tsvetkova, Pascal Petit, Renada Konstantinova-Antova, Michel Auriere, Gregg A. Wade, Aline A. Vidotto, Corinne Charbonnel, Ana Borisova, Rumen Bogdanovski

Intra-night flickering of RS Ophiuchi: I. Sizes and cumulative energies of time structures
Ts. B. Georgiev, R. K. Zamanov, S. Boeva, G. Latev, B. Spassov, J. Marti, G. Nikolov, S. Ibryamov, S. V. Tsvetkova, K. A. Stoyanov

Two Different Cases of Filament Eruptions Driven by Kink Instability
P.Duchlev, M.Dechev, K. Koleva