Volume 28 (2018)


Transformation of Pan-STARRS1 gri to Stetson BVRI magnitudes. Photometry of small bodies observations.
A. Kostov , T. Bonev

The connection between the giant optical outbursts of the flat spectrum radio quasars and the black hole precession
Rumen Bachev

On the non-variability of HR 7653 (15 Vul) based on BRITE data
B. Smalley, E. Paunzen, T. Luftinger, A. F. J. Moffat, A. Pigulski, S. Rucinski, J. Sikora, G. A. Wade, W. Weiss, and BEST

Geometry of the Mesopotamian "ecliptic"
G. E. Kurtik

Optical flickering of the symbiotic star CH Cyg
K. A. Stoyanov, J. Marti, R. Zamanov, V. V. Dimitrov, A. Kurtenkov, E. Sanchez-Ayaso, I. Bujalance-Fernandez, G. Y. Latev, G. Nikolov

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