Volume 25 (2016)


Titius-Bode law in the Solar System. Dependence of the regularity parameter on the central body mass
Tsvetan B. Georgiev

Fine detrending of raw Kepler and MOST photometric data of KIC 6950556 and HD 37633
Zdenek Mikulasek, Ernst Paunzen, Miloslav Zejda, Evgenij Semenko, Klaus Bernhard, Stefan Hummerich, Jia Zhang, Swetlana Hubrig, Rainer Kuschnig, Jan Janik, Miroslav Jagelka

Active states and structure transformations in accreting white dwarfs
Daniela Boneva, Pavel Kaygorodov

Solar-Terrestrial interaction: case study of Caspian Sea level changes
V.Kaftan, B.Komitov, S.Lebedev

The analysis of the events of stellar visibility in Pliny's "Natural History"
M. G. Nickiforov

Dark matter and rotation curves of spiral galaxies
Michal Krizek,Filip Krizek, Lawrence Somer

Sub- and Quasi-Centurial Cycles in Solar and Geomagnetic Activity Data Series
B. Komitov, S. Sello, P. Duchlev, M. Dechev, K. Penev, K. Koleva

Dissertation summaries:

Processes in the Early Universe and Their Cosmological Effects and Constraints
D. Kirilova