Volume 24 (2016)


Light curve solutions of the eclipsing Kepler binaries KIC 8088354 and KIC 3241619
Diana Kjurkchieva and Teodora Atanasova

Evidence for significant radial increase of the mass-to-light ratio based on phenomenological analysis of eight early-type galaxies
Srdjan Samurovic

Formation of nitrogen oxides in the Earth's atmosphere by solar proton flares
B. Komitov, M. Dechev, P. Duchlev

Circumstellar discs in X/γ-ray binaries: first results from the Echelle spectrograph
R. Zamanov, K. Stoyanov, J. Marti

Theoretical Model of Non-Conservative Mass Transfer with Uniform Mass Accretion Rate in Contact Binary Stars
P. Gharami, K. Ghosh, F. Rahaman

Photometric variability of 14 PMS stars in the NGC 7000/IC 5070 complex
Sunay I. Ibryamov and Evgeni H. Semkov

Optimization of a motion tracking and mapping method based on images of the solar corona
Petya Pavlova, Dimitar Garnevski, Kostadinka Koleva

Chemically peculiar stars identified in large photometric surveys
Ernst Paunzen, Martin Netopil, Klaus Bernhard, Stefan Hummerich

Solution of Newly Observed Transit of The Exoplanet Hat-P-24b: No Ttv and Tdv Signals
D. Kjurkchieva, D. Dimitrov, S. Ibryamov

Dissertation summaries:

A study of eruptive activity of symbiotic stars
Nikolai Aleksandrov Tomov
Summary of dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Sciences