Volume 23 (2015)


Compact static stars with polytropic equation of state in minimal dilatonic gravity
Plamen Fiziev, Kalin Marinov

New archeoastronomical investigation of the complex Koy-Krylgan-kala
G. Yu. Kolganova, M. G. Nickiforov, V. M. Reijs

On the mutual location of the nearby galaxies M31, M32 and M110
Ts. B. Georgiev, P. Nedialkov, E. Ovcharov, A. Valcheva

The cosmic system of the pre-Socratic philosopher Anaximenes and stars and their formation
Konstantinos Kalachanis, Evangelia Panou, Efstratios Theodossiou, Ioannis Kostikas, Vassilios N. Manimanis, Milan S. Dimitrijevic

Evidence for general downward trend of the SXR solar flare activity in the last decades
Boris Komitov, Peter Duchlev, Kaloyan Penev

Light curve solutions of the eccentric Kepler binaries KIC 11619964 and KIC 7118545 and mid-eclipse brightening of KIC 11619964
Diana Kjurkchieva and Doroteya Vasileva

Numerical stability of the electromagnetic quasinormal and quasibound modes of Kerr black holes
Denitsa Staicova, Plamen Fiziev

Dissertation summaries:

Coronal Shock Acceleration and Heliospheric Transport of Solar Energetic Protons
Kamen Kozarev