Volume 22 (2015)


Long-term BVRI light curves of 5 pre-main sequence stars in the field of "Gulf of Mexico"
Sunay I. Ibryamov, Evgeni H. Semkov, Stoyanka P. Peneva

The potentially hazardous asteroid 2009 FD
Ireneusz Wlodarczyk

Observations of transits of the southern exoplanets WASP 4b and WASP 46b by using a 40 cm telescope
Diana Kjurkchieva, Nikola Petrov, Velimir Popov, Emil Ivanov

Physical parameters of eclipsing binary components, discovered by STEREO
Maya Belcheva, Haralambi Markov, Zlatan Tsvetanov, Ilian Iliev, Ivanka Stateva

Photometric study of a gamma-ray loud narrow line Seyfert~1: PKS~1502+036
Anton Strigachev, Rumen Bachev, Evgeni Semkov, S. P. Gupta, G. Dewangan and K. Singh

Near IR spectral observations of selected Be and shell stars
Lubomir Iliev

Study of the extinction law in M31 and selection of red supergiants
Petko Nedialkov, Todor Veltchev

GRID, Virtual Observatory and Some Astronomical Applications
Georgi Petrov, Momchil Dechev

Dissertation summaries:

MHD of accretion-disk flows
Krasimira Yankova

Physical processes effecting the baryonic matter content of the Universe
Mariana Panayotova

Magnetic activity in selected evolved stars
Svetla Tsvetkova

Photometric and spectral investigation of the symbiotic binary Z And during its phase of activity in 2000 -2003
Mima Tomova