Volume 21 (2014)

A likely AGN counterpart to the unidentified gamma-ray source 2FGL J0221.4+6257c
Josep Marti, Pedro L. Luque-Escamilla, Estrella Sanchez-Ayaso, Juan R. Sanchez-Sutil

The H-R diagram for supernova remnants
B. Arbutina

Photometric study of the short-period eclipsing star ROTSE1 J171630.99+433832.1
D. Kjurkchieva, D. Dimitrov, S. Ibryamov, T. Atanasova

Plana Student Astronomical Observatory - First Results and Perspectives
E. Ovcharov, A. Kurtenkov, Y. Metodieva, A. Dimitrov, P. Enikova, V. Bozhilov, I. Stanev,
P. Nikolov, Y. Nikolov, P. Markishki, G. Gantchev, T. Trifonov, O. Stanchev, P. Nedialkov

Bulgarian Serbian collaboration: CCD observations of visual double and multiple stars and extragalactic radio sources
Zorica Cvetkovic, Rade Pavlovic, Goran Damljanovic, Svetlana Boeva, Georgi Latev

Emission line variability in the spectrum of V417 Centauri
K. A. Stoyanov, R. K. Zamanov, M. F. Bode, J. Pritchard, N. A. Tomov, A. Gomboc, K. Koleva

Which effects of galaxy clusters can reduce the amount of dark matter
Michal Krizek, Filip Krizek, Lawrence Somer

Wind's emission of the compact secondary in Z And during its 2000 - 2002 outburst
Mima T. Tomova

Nonlinear physical processes of accretion flows - results and developments
Krasimira Yankova, Lachezar Filipov, Daniela Boneva, Dejan Gotchev

The improved code TAC maker for modeling of planet transits
D. Kjurkchieva, D. Dimitrov, A. Vladev

Three successive eruptions of a prominence observed by the coronagraph in the Rozhen-NAO
P. Duchlev, K. Koleva, M. Dechev, N. Petrov

Dissertation summaries:

Study of the Structure of molecular clouds by use of a statistical approach
S. Donkov