Volume 18-3 (2012)


SKIRTOR - database of modeled AGN dusty torus SEDs
Marko Stalevski                                                                                  

Intra-night optical monitoring of a sample of broad absorption line quasars: first results
Boyko M. Mihov, Lyuba S. Slavcheva-Mihova  

Intra-night optical monitoring of a sample of X-ray/radio selected AGNs: first results
Lyuba S. Slavcheva-Mihova, Boyko M. Mihov  

Arakelian 144: A remarkable high surface brightness galaxy
Georgi Petrov, Michel Dennefeld, Ulrich Hopp      

Multicolour photometry of edge-on and box/peanut galaxies
Georgi Petrov, Ralf-Jurgen Dettmar   

Rotation of red giants and white dwarfs in symbiotic stars
R. K. Zamanov, K. A. Stoyanov         

Heliacal rising of Sirius and flooding of the Nile
M.G. Nickiforov,  A.A. Petrova            

Testing of the new filter system of the 60-cm telescope as a beginning of Rozhen' H-alpha Stellar Survey (RHaSS)
D. Dimitrov,  D. Kyurkchieva     

Improvement of the low-dispersion spectroscopy at Rozhen NAO
V. Popov, D. Dimitrov, D. Kyurkchieva, T. Bonev,N. Petrov, K. Yaramov, G. Shukerov

Parameters of 20 newly detected eclipsing binaries from the Kepler database
D. Dimitrov, D. Kjurkchieva, V. Radeva                         

Modified Fisher’s criterion for detection of faint stellar variability
Ts. B.Georgiev                    

Photometric studies of FU Orionis and EX Lupi type stars
S. Peneva