Volume 17 (2011)

National roadmap for research infrastructure
Tanyu Bonev

50th anniversary of the Observatory in Stara Zagora: The first public observatory in Bulgaria
Nadya Kisskinova, Alexey Stoev, Penka Stoeva

The Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative {YETI} and results from the Bulgarian participation
D. Dimitrov, R. Neuhauser, D. Kjurkchieva and YETI-team

Echelle spectrograph for Rozhen NAO
Haralambi Markov

The new challenges of the shortest-period eclipsing binary star GSC 2314-0530
Dinko Dimitrov, Diana Kjurkchieva

A search for rapid optical variability in low-mass Seyfert galaxies: NGC 4395
Evgeni Semkov, Rumen Bachev, Anton Strigachev, Stoyanka Peneva, Alok C. Gupta

Extra line-broadening in O-type stars
N. Markova, H. Markov, J. Puls, S. Simon-Diaz, A. Herrero

The recurrent nova RS Oph: Flickering and H-alpha emission variability
Radoslav K. Zamanov

Balmer lines of the symbiotic binary Z Andromedae during its 2006 outburst
Nikolai A. Tomov, Mima T. Tomova, Dmitry V. Bisikalo

Simultaneous UBVRcIc observations of the cataclysmic variable V794 Aquilae: Flickering source parameters
G. Latev, S. Boeva, R. Zamanov, A. Antov, K. Stoyanov, B. Petrov, S. Tsvetkova, B. Spasov

The new FUor star HBC 722 - one year after the outburst
Evgeni Semkov, Stoyanka Peneva

New radial-velocity-curve solution of the eclipsing star HN UMa
Diana Kjurkchieva, Dragomir Marchev

Low-dispersion spectroscopy of late stars with the focal reducer FoReRo2 at the 2-m telescope of the Rozhen NAO
Dinko Dimitrov, Diana Kjurkchieva

Solar electromagnetic radiation changes during the transition epoch between Zurich cycles No 23 and 24
Boris Komitov

Stratospheric ozone, solar activity and volcanism
Boris Komitov, Konstantin Stoychev

Solar radiobursts observations at f=29.9 MHz in Stara Zagora: First data, results and analysis
Boris Komitov, Nikolai Marinov

Rotation periods of the asteroids 55 Pandora, 78 Diana and 815 Coppelia
V. Radeva, D. Dimitrov, D. Kjurkchieva, S. Ibryamov

Tracking and discovering asteroids
Veselka Radeva, Sunay Ibryamov

Participation of Shumen University in European Science Education Projects
B. Borisov, D. Marchev, D. Kyurkchieva, V. Radeva, N. Toncheva
(In Bulgarian)

The Student Astronomical Society of the Shumen University: establishment, goals and activities
Sunay Ibryamov
(In Bulgarian)

Short history of the Rozhen National Observatory: Such as I went through it (1953 - 1981)
Bogomil Zh. Kovachev
(In Bulgarian)